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The ONE blacklisted by Timmins Police — no longer sends news releases or notices

The ONE asks TPS to be placed on media distribution list by noon today or face the consequences

TPS violate Charter of Rights and Freedom
Timmins Police Services blacklist The ONE and deny it access to news releases, notices of meetings contrary to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms right to freedom of expression and right to a free press and media. Frank Giorno for The ONE

Open Letter to Marc Depatie, communications coordinator, Timmins Police Services and Mayor Steven Black, Chair of the TPS Board.

Re: Don’t Retaliate Against Me As a Result of My Reporting on TPS police confrontation with young aboriginal woman

Frank Giorno <> 06:39 (9 minutes ago)
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Mr. Depatie and Mayor Black

On further review of your bombastic and factually incorrect threatening letter to me dated April 18th.

I am not sure what video you were watching or perhaps your biases distorted the truth as you make claims that the video does not support..Watch it again and remove your tainted mindset.

1. On your false allegation that I obstructed justice– this is patently false. I never once intervened in the arrest. The officers never once instructed me to leave. I never touched or in anyway physically stopped the arrest. Despite my video recording the arrest went fairly smoothly.

2. On your false allegation that I somehow had no right to be present video recording the shameful take down of the a young aboriginal woman for the simple reason that she wanted to go for a walk regardless of the draconian penalty imposed on her by the courts that she could not. —The officers acknowledged my constitutional right to be there as a member of the media. The officer clearly stated he accepted my constitutional right as a member of the media and our country’s value of a free media to record the arrest.

3. Further more TPS and Mayor Black should be fully aware of the comments made by Renu Mandhande, the visiting member of the Ontario Human Rights Panel that Timmins, like Thunder Bay are cities in crisis vis a vis their systemic racism against members of the city’s indigenous population.

Human rights commissioner calls out ‘pervasive’ racism towards …
Mar 13, 2018 – ​Racism against Indigenous people in the northeastern Ontario city of Timmins appears to be both pervasive and normalized, the province’s chief human rights commissioner said this week. Speaking after a fact-finding mission to the region, Renu Mandhane said everyday incidents experienced by First …

Human Rights Commissioner says racism ‘pervasive’ in Timmins ……/human-rights-commissioner-says-racism-pervasive-in-timmins-while...
Mar 14, 2018 – The deaths also attracted the attention of chief human rights commissioner Renu Mandhane, who undertook a fact-finding trip to Timmins this month to speak with officials and community representatives. (She also made stops in Moosonee and Moose Factory.) Mandhane toldTimmins Today it’s part of her …

Mayor says racism exists in Timmins, stands by comment that it’s not ……/mayor-says-racism-exists-in-timmins-stands-by-com…

Mar 16, 2018 – TIMMINS — With the Chief Ontario Human Rights Commissioner saying there is a “pervasive level of racism” in Timmins, Mayor Steve Black stands by his … During her visit, she told TimminsToday that the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s mandate is to “address systemic discrimination around the …

Ontario human rights commission says too many black, Indigenous …  Apr 12, 2018 – READ MORE: Human Rights Tribunal finds Ottawa discriminated against First Nations children. The study stops short of pinning blame for the disparities on systemic racial discrimination in part because collection of race-based data is patchy. For example, many children’s aid societies don’t know the racial …

Timmins must come to grips with Indigenous relations | Ontario Human … › Home › News Centre  Mar 28, 2018 – OPINION: Understanding racism requires leaving your comfort zone, according to Ontario Human Rights Commissioners … Jonathan Solomon, and Fort Albany Chief Andrew Solomon issued a statement saying that they were “shocked,” and they wonder whether “systemic racism” contributed to the deaths.
Missing: finds

My video recording captures the TPS officers being unduly harsh to a member of the indigenous community. Why re-criminalize this young woman of aboriginal descent? Why not apply the spirit of the law instead the cold, harsh letter of the law and apply it to a harmless person out for a walk in the City with a Heart of Gold? Why not take her back home and give her a warning?

Contrast this to the privilege shown by Police Chief John Gauthier to former councillor Gary Scripnick when the Chief tore up a lawful traffic ticket to Scripnick…I believe this is fair comment on my part and I have the freedom of expression to add 1 +1.

Chief Gauthier may not like what I have done or am saying now,  but I suggest he start re-training his police force so that all people in Timmins are treated equally and with due respect.

A memorial setup by members of the Timmins Aboriginal Community to mark the spot where a Timmins Police Services officer shot and killed Joey Knapaysweet, 21, from Fort Albany, Ontario. Photo by Frank Giorno, TheONE.

The shooting and killing of 21 year old Joey Knapaysweet by a Timmins police officer, when he should have been shootingt to wound the young man, as the NAPS officer did in Attawapiskat a few weeks ago, is a stain on Timmins. Last week arresting officer in Toronto confronted and arrested the man who killed 10 people with a rental van, without firing a single shot – he used negotiating skills to arrest the man accused of one of the most horrific crimes in Canadian history.

That same day of Knapaysweet’s shooting death – 62, year old Agnes Sutherland died while in Timmins police custody.

The Context of My Video Recording and story

Under the prevailing atmosphere of systemic racism against indigenous people in Timmins, I would be remiss as a human being if I did not record the arrest of a young indigenous person by the Timmins Police Force.

It was also my duty as a “good samaritan” responding to what I observed to  offer this frightened young person some advice, while being careful not to physically prevent the arrest.

Why has Timmins Police Services Blacklisted ? Contrary to the Charter of Rights and Freedom rights to freedom of expression and a free press and media

Finally, Mr. Depatie, I received my last email from you containing a news release from TPS to the Timmins Media on Friday April 13. Since then I have not received a single email, news release or notice. I believe this constitutes a violation of My Charter of Rights and Freedom S.2 right to free expression of thought and opinion and my right to freedom of the press and other media.

I and The ONE, have been blacklisted and my Chart Rights and Freedoms denied and violated.

If I am not placed back on your media list by 12 noon today April 30th I will file a complaint with the Ontario Civilian Police Review Board.

I will also file at my convenience a civil suit for damages from TPS for violating and denying me my charter of rights and freedom rights.

You have been advised.

Watch edited video and story at

Watch the unedited video on youtube

Frank Giorno

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

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Frank Giorno

Frank Giorno Frank Giorno lives in Timmins, Ontario. He is a graduate of York University (Honors B.A Political Science) and Ryerson School of Journalism (B.A. Journalism). Frank has worked as a city hall reporter for the Brandon Sun; freelanced for the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star. He is the past editor of and the newsletter of the Association of Italian Canadian Writers. Frank has also worked as Research Director for the Canadian Environmental Law Association; Senior Communications Advisor on Water Quality Issues for the Ministry of the Environment; Public Affairs Associate for Region of Peel Public Works; and Media Relations Officer for Toronto Public Health. In Timmins, he served as the Communications Manager for Mushkegowuk Environmental Research Centre/Five Nations Energy Project on Energy Conservation. He freelanced for Frank is a published author of essays on the internment of Italian-Canadians during World War 2, “Internee 328: Camp Petawawa” co-written with James McCreath appears in “Beyond Barbed Wire” (Guernica Editions 2012). He has published four books of poetry, My Nation is a Train...Wreck (2017, Northern Voices Publications), MoPoPoMo (2016, Northern Voices Publications), “Elvis in America,” and “Arrivederci! Plastic Covered Couch ( 2006, 2008 Lyricalmyrical Press)”.

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