The Internet Hiccup


by Barry Koostachin

In Attawapiskat, the internet is a lifeline of the community, chatting with various individuals, online ordering had made things bearable.

Gaming and streaming media are our two forms of entertainment. My preference is Netflix and YouTube. Plus, you can get inspiration from there if you’re a writer. The premium bandwidth usage is 200GB while 100GB on a 5Ghz canopy antenna is 119.95.

An internet canopy is basically a radio antenna connected to main antenna on a tower and to fibre optics Life has a way of a way of tossing us to a curb. One of the common snags in Attawapiskat is an unstable internet. And it picked one heck of a time to go into twitchy mode during our cultural break. Things will eventually smooth out. People are suffering from withdrawal. But Xplornet clients remained unaffected by internet outage. The majority of the Xittel clients remain without internet access. April 18, our ISP had worked to resolve connectivity issues, by working remotely with the canopy manufacturer, Cambium.

After the upgrade for the selected clientele, the problem trickled from there. The older antennas from Xittel seem to work all right, but unable to verify.

I contacted Xittel technical support again; I followed her instructions over the phone, by unplugging the main line from the wireless router and to the Ethernet on my laptop and setting up the connection. The internet is still unstable, but I can get online. Good for email and surfing the web. My mobile doesn’t have data plans, it’s connected to Wi-Fi, and Attawapiskat is stuck on a 2G network with no data plans available for customers. I will have to wait or unplug from my laptop and reconnect with my wireless router.

A man from technical services told me, there is a capping problem in Attawapiskat causing issues. After they were advised via email, they didn’t say when the set date would be. And the situation will be resolved in May, there’s no choice but to wait until Xittel/Maskatel upgrade and install the main antenna in the same month. The installation would be done by the local Techs or techs from Xittel.

The peak hours usually start from 8am to 3am, then again, there are the night owls and the early birds, hogging up the bandwidth. It’s easier to download bandwidth during the morning before peak hours. Whenever, I hear the gravel road crunching underneath their boots from a distance. Along with the dogs barking and howling. Do those nocturnal wanderers sleep at night? Or are they looking for something?

Someone brought up that Bell should become our main ISP since they’ve already provided landline service in this community. But I talked to someone about it, and he said that I would have to pay full amount for the phone, services and sign the contract. Well, I prefer another ISP, with Bell’s reputation of gouging customers.

The original upgrade was meant to decrease the load and stabilize the internet. Then connectivity issues trickled from there. We would get upgrade for the main antenna.

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