Canadian Mining Expo 2018 Ready to Go June 5-7

The Big Event Offers the Best in Northern Ontario Mining

Canadian Mining Expo 2018 Ready to Go June 5-7



Mining is the backbone of the Northern Ontario economy and once a year the Canadian Mining Expo in Timmins, Ontario features the best in mining, mining supplies, and mining the north has to offer.

Earlier this week, Glenn Dredhart, the President of Canadian Trade-Ex, the company that has been producing the Big Event as it mining show is affectionately called,announced Canadian Mining Expo 2018 starting with the Gala Dinner on June 5 and the Expo itself June 6 and 7.

“I have been in this industry since I was 18 years old and I have met people in the mining and mining supply sectors from all over the world,” Dredhart said. ” I invite them to Timmins to see what our knowledgeable suppliers have to offer.”

Glenn Dredhart
Glenn Dredhart, the president of Canadian Trade-Ex, the company that annually produces the Canadian Mining Expo. Frank Giorno for the ONE.


Overview of the Canadian Mining Expo 2018

This year’s Canadian Mining Expo offers over 400 information booths seminars on mining, prospecting, an aboriginal community and mining seminar, billions in the ground talk about mining trends and demonstrations of the latest mining technology.

Things get started on Tuesday night June 5th with the Canadian Mining Expo Gala Dinner where those who purchase a ticket can hear the latest from the major mining company executives on the recent developments and future directions in mining.

Canadian Mining Expo June 5, 6, 7 2018

There is also a career fair those interested in working in the mining field or mining supply and services sector bring your resumes.

Jackleg drilling competitions

And the popular King and Queen Jackleg drilling contest which also includes a media and celebrity event.

Women's Jackleg
The women’s novice jackleg drilling contest is one of the favourite events during the Canadian Mining Expo. Frank Giorno for The ONE.
Mens Jackleg competitors
The men’s jackleg drilling contestants ready to compete for professional honour and prizes. Frank Giorno for The ONE.

Economic Benefits

Joe Campbell, acting as the deputy Mayor, spoke of the importance of the CME 2018 to the economy of the Timmins area.

“No one needs to be told the economic impact of the Big Event has on the city of Timmins and surrounding area,” Campbell declared.

“In addition to the economic benefits, the event puts Timmins on the map, attracting people from all over the country and internationally to our city,” said Campbell. “Mining companies come from all over the world to look at the latest mining developments and the latest services that are offered.”

Campbell thanked Glenn Dredhart and his team for organizing annually the Canadian Mining Expo or as it is popularly referred to The Big Event.

“We thank Glenn Dredhart and his team at Canadian Trade-Ex that work tirelessly to bring the Canadian Mining Expo – The Big Event to this city every year,” Campbell said.

“Timmins is a mining community, look around at one time you couldn’t stand anywhere in this city and not be in the shadow of a headframe,” Campbell pointed out. “We are a mining community and the future of Timmins is in mining; hopefully we will have a shot a Noront’s ferrochrome smelter once the Ring of Fire get’s going,” Campbell said.

Councillor Joe Campbell, who represents Schumacher the area where the Canadian Mining Expo 2018 will be held at the McIntyre Community Centre acted as Deputy Mayor and spoke of the importance the event is to Timmins. Frank Giorno for the ONE.

Campbell pointed to Timmins being one of the cities that are vying to be the location for Noront Resources ferrochrome smelter, along with Thunder Bay, Sault Ste. Marie and Sudbury.

“There is also the Goldcorp Century Project which is moving from pre-feasibility studies to feasibility that will hopefully ensure that Goldcorp will be in Timmins for years to come, ” Campbell added.

Aboriginal Community and Mining Forum

The Nishnawbe Aski Development Fund will once again host a Aboriginal Mining forum at the Canadian Mining Expo.

“This year we are going to look at impact benefit agreements (IBA), mining best practices,” said Cory Robin, the business development officer with NADF.

The NADF is Ontario’s largest Aboriginal Financier, Last year we provided 5.4 million in grants and loans to Aboriginal and Metis people.

“On June 7 we are hosting the Aboriginal Forum on Mining and will focus on Impact Benefits Agreements (IBA),” Robin explained. “Originally the IBA was formed to encourage participation and  support for a mining project.

“This year we will explore the IBA including challenges issues advantages and benefits,” Robin added. “We will also look at lessons learned and best practices.”

Cory Robin, development officer for the Nishnawbe Aski Development Corporation, will host a seminar of Aboriginal Community and Mining. Courtesy of NADF.

The forum is an opportunity for the mining industry and the aboriginal communities to learn about the IBA and about the opportunities that the mining industry has to offer.

On June 7 we are hosting the Aboriginal Forum on Mining and will focus on Impact Benefits Agreements (IBA). Originally the IBA was formed to encourage participation and  support for a mining project.

This year NADF will explore the IBA including challenges issues advantages and benefits. We will also look at lessons learned and best practices.

Nishnawbe Aski Development Fund

The mining supply sector

Each year about 400 mining suppliers and mining companies set up information booths to provide latest on the supplies, services that are available to companies in the mining industry. It is an opportunity to network and develop business relations that benefit the area’s economy.

“Northern Equipment has offices in Sudbury and Timmins and we rent or sell equipment to the mining sector and the construction industry,” said Guy Caron, from the Timmins Office.

“We are new in Timmins we have been here for the last two and half years,” Caron said. “ We are the suppliers of Manitou forklifts to the underground mining and construction industry – drop by and see what we have to offer.”

Northern Ontario, is the number one Canadian mining jurisdiction 

“Mining development and mining services are important to Ontario and more specific ally to the growth of our region, “ Camirand said. “It’s only fitting the we host one of the largest mining shows in Ontario right here in Timmins – in Ontario’s Golden North.”

“Ontario’s Golden North in the heart of the Abitibi-Greenstone Belt contains seven of the largest base metal mines and industrial minerals, ”Camirand said. “We have worked to position this region as a prominent hub for the mining and mining supply services.”

“Having a show like the Canadian Mining Expo provides our mines and mining suppliers the opportunity to show case our expertise to other communities and that in turn leads to trade, growth and community development,” Camirand added.

“The Big Event also provides the opportunity to meet and attract foreign direct investments to the region,” Camirand explained. “In the past we have seen delegations from India and South America and this year we are looking forward to having some German companies at the event.”

“The Canadian Mining Expo is an opportunity for foreign investors to tap into our market but also for our suppliers to tap into the international market as well,” she said.

Brenda Camirand, TEDC, cites the important economic contribution of mining in the “Golden North” and the role played by The Canadian Mining Expo in promoting the work of the mining production, exploration and supplies sector. Frank Giorno for The ONE.

Camirand said the TEDCO this year is partnering with The Big Event to host The Big Social, an event designed to facilitate networking between mining companies, mining suppliers, foreign representatives to discuss mutually beneficial opportunities in a more casual business friendly environment.

“It’s our hope that those who attend the Big Social mingle and make new connections and explore many opportunities that exist in the mining,” Camirand stated.

The Northern Mines Social — The Big Social

Ontario, particularly Northern Ontario, is the number one mining jurisdiction in Canada for mineral production and exploration spending. More than $4 Billion is spent annually in Ontario in the mining industry

Nearly half of the revenue generating goes to the mining supply sector closest to the mining sites. Half of all the mines are located in Ontario’s golden north around Timmins and many more are located around Sudbury and Western Quebec.

There are 12 operating mines in Timmins and 9 are in development and over 250 suppliers service the mining industry.

“Every year when the Canadian Mining Expo is held there are tremendous spinoffs for our hotels, retails outlets and restaurants”, noted Camirand.

Glenn Dredhart suggested that if you haven’t booked a room for this year’s Canadian Mining Expo, accommodations may be somewhat scarce, but there may be space at the Northern College Residences as many students have gone home for the summer.

Career fair and mining education

Julie Joncas, Far North East Training Board , announced that research into the mining sector  employment needs will be released at the Canadian Mining Expo.

” The Canadian Mining Expo 2018 is a perfect opportunity for the Far Northeast Training Board to announce our results of the the mining employment needs as mining industry officials will be there and we can tag on to that,” Joncas said.

“Moving forward, we hope through recommendations in the report to attract students at a younger age to a career in mining and not wait until they are in college,” she added.

Joncas also announced the Far Northeast Training Board is leading a career fair that will be held on June 6 from 10 a.m. through until 7 p.m.

“It is open to the public and anyone who wants a career in mining or is looking to change careers and would like to meet with industry reps bring your resume along and discuss with them what it is that you need to do to fulfil your interest in pursuing a career in the mining industry,” Joncas advised.

The career fair will be held in partnership between the Far Northeast Training Board, Northern College, College Boreal, NORCAT and Canadian Trade-Ex.

Far North East Training Board
Julie Joncas, the executive director, Far North East Training Board. Frank Giorno for TheONe

Joncas said that 800 students coming to the career fair from grades six to grade 12 from Hearst, Kapuskasing, Chapleau, Englehart, New Liskeard and across the entire region.

Take the prospectors course

Again the Big Event is proposing to hold a prospectors course headed by Bill MacCrae of the Porcupine Prospectors Association.

Prospecting Course
Bill MacCrae, President of the Porcupine Prospectors Association will offer a prospecting course. Sign up if you are interested. Frank Giorno for TheONE.

“The future of mining depends on prospectors locating new sources of minerals to mine,” McCrae said. “This course is an introduction to prospecting and is ideal for students considering entering the field and also seniors who want to give prospecting a go.”

There are plenty of spots left and interested people should contact Bill MacCrae

Prospecting Course Registration

Tahoe Resources acknowledges significance of Canadian Mining Expo 2018 

“From a Tahoe Resources perspective we continue to support the Canadian Mining Expo,” said Tom Laughren, the Director of Corporate and Social Responsibility .

“What I like about the show is that every year they something new and that addresses the issues that the mining community and the residents of Timmins have,” Laughren added. “When I think of the technology aspect, many people today won’t recognize how advanced the mining technology has become.”

“I think if you are talking about a career fair and attracting young people to the mining sector it’s modern technology that is going to do it,” opined Laughren.

Tahoe Resources director of corporate and social responsibility Tom Laughren
Tom Laughren, former Timmins mayor and currently the director of Corporate and Social Responsibility for Tahoe Resources. Frank Giorno for TheOne.


Billion Dollar in the Ground Investment Forum

For those who are interested in the financial, investment and monetary aspects of mining, The Canadian Mining Expo 2018 will again feature the Billions in the Ground Investment Forum.

“We have some awesome speakers at the investment forum,” said Glenn Dredhart. “ If you are interested in finding out investment opportunities and where some of our mining companies and exploration companies are this is where you want to be.”

For this years line up please click on link

2018 Billions in the Ground Investment Forum June 7 9:30 a.m to 3 p.m.

Birds eye view of the Canadian Mining Expo trade show at the McIntyre Arena. Frank Giorno for TheONE.

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